This RE Botanicals Full Spectrum Tincture stands out because it’s USDA-certified organic, and it’s certified glyphosate-free by the Detox Project (a non-governmental European organization). And they practice regenerative agriculture, and donate one percent of profits to non-profits that further regenerative agriculture across the globe.

So what does all of that mean?

Basically, it means Re Botanicals CBD oil is one of the purest CBD products on the market today. We’re so impressed with its purity and commitment to organic standards, we even included it in our guide to using CBD oil for acne. Because we haven’t seen any other CBD companies that are certified glyphosate-free.

What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a chemical herbicide that’s better known by the brand name Roundup. Marketed and sold by the chemical giant Monsanto, Roundup is the most widely used weedkiller in the world. It’s so ubiquitous that it turns up in rainwater and animal tissue across the globe.

It also causes cancer, according to an agency of the World Health Organization.

Glyphosate is now banned in some countries. In lawsuits, Monsanto’s parent company has paid out billions to cancer patients whose cancer was linked to Roundup exposure.

But glyphosate is everywhere. Even though hemp farmers don’t spray Roundup directly on their hemp crops, glyphosate residue remains in the soil across several continents. And hemp plants are “bioacummulators,” so they absorb nearly everything from the soil where they grow. Their roots can absorb heavy metals and chemicals — including glyphosate.

Don’t want this carcinogen in your CBD?

You’re in luck. RE Botanicals is committed to providing certified glyphosate-free CBD products.

They also source all their hemp in the U.S. and they use only USDA-certified organic hemp. They process it in a USDA-certified facility, and use only USDA-certified ingredients, like the organic MCT oil blended with full-spectrum hemp extract in this tincture.

They also post all their lab test results online.

They even post the lab results by batch number, so you can easily view certificates of analysis for the exact batch number that correlates with your bottle of tincture. The lab tests for heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides, as well as cannabinoid potency.

You can check out out a batch’s lab results of this product, where you’ll see that’s full spectrum CBD oil. (It contains THC, in non-psychoactive amounts, as well as the “minor” cannabinoids.)

RE Botanicals also donates one percent of its profits to support regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture goes beyond “organic” — it refers to farmers who are committed to improving soil quality, so their land can continue to sustain life for generations to come.

Since many experts predict soil degradation will be one of the largest drivers of an impending global hunger crisis, regenerative agriculture is pretty important. If you buy this tincture, you won’t just get high-quality USDA-certified organic CBD — you’ll be helping the world.