Cannabis has been around and used by humans since at least 500 B.C. It likely started in Asia, but there is evidence people grew cannabis in many different areas of the world, for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Some of the tombs containing noble people buried in the Xinjiang region of China included large amounts of mummified marijuana.

Ancient Greece, Rome, Africa, and Islam all grew and used cannabis, at the very least, for its medicinal properties.

In the 1940s, research into the pharmacology of certain cannabinoids began, with CBD (Cannabidiol) being one of the most popular to this day.

From CBD edibles’ effects to the benefits of CBD oil, there are so many ways to both enjoy and benefit from this fantastic cannabinoid.

Plus, they’re fun and delicious to eat!

In this guide, you’ll learn all about the effects and benefits of CBD edibles and some of our favorite options.

More About CBD

CBD is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, but their leading cannabinoids and the potencies of these compounds differ.

Hemp, for example, contains LOW amounts of THC, the famous cannabinoid that’s known for getting users “high.” In hemp plants, CBD is one of the more potent cannabinoids.

While CBD offers a myriad of benefits like relief from anxiety and pain, it doesn’t cause the same psychoactive effects that THC does.

The low THC potency is one of the reasons why hemp never got the bad rap that marijuana did.

Other cannabis plants, particularly those referred to as “marijuana” plants, have higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. This is the main reason why CBD is primarily derived from hemp.

Why Are Cannabinoids Beneficial?

Over the last few decades, scientists have made important discoveries about cannabinoids, the diverse chemical compounds found in cannabis plants.

These compounds act on cannabinoid receptors, which are already present in our human bodies. In your brain, the endocannabinoid system is present in cells that alter neurotransmitter release.

The endocannabinoid (EC) system, while it’s always been present in our brains, was named after the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant interact with the EC system in your body. When they interact with those receptors, they affect how a person feels, reacts, etc.

The more research is done, the more scientists and patients find that cannabinoids like CBD and THC have several significant healing properties.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabinoids?

The active chemicals in medical cannabis, also known as cannabinoids, are similar to those chemicals in your body involved in things like appetite and pain.

Research suggests, and many patients assure, that cannabinoids help with several ailments and diseases, such as:

  • Reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Control vomiting and nausea
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relax tight muscles in individuals with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Medical marijuana has also helped control seizures for those with epilepsy, especially in children. Children have had dramatic drops in their seizures after taking CBD.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Specifically?

CBD is one of the most potent cannabinoids in cannabis plants, and it’s also one of the most beneficial. Taking CBD in food like CBD gummies or other edibles can do some amazing things for suffering individuals.

It Helps with Pain

CBD boasts some incredible pain-relieving effects. By interacting with the body’s neurotransmitters, CBD reduces inflammation and sciatic nerve pain. Plus, it helps treat pain related to arthritis and autoimmune disorders, like Multiple Sclerosis.

Patients have noticed improvement with things like muscle spasms, walking, sports injuries, chronic pain, back pain, and pain while sleeping.

It Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are common mental health disorders in the United States. While many individuals live without treatment, it can be detrimental to one’s health, well-being, family, and work life.

The World Health Organization lists depression as the most significant contributor to disability across the world. Anxiety disorders aren’t far behind, ranked in 6th place.

Typically, both depression and anxiety get treated with pharmaceutical drugs. However, many of those drugs can cause side effects.

Plus, a lot of them are addictive.

CBD oil isn’t addictive, nor does it come with a list of severe side effects.

It’s a natural approach that may help with anxiety and depression in many individuals. It has even been used to treat insomnia and anxiety in children with PTSD.

CBD can act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates social behavior and mood.

How Do Edibles Work?

Many people want to enjoy or benefit from the many healing properties of cannabinoids like CBD but have no desire to smoke the bud (or flower) of the hemp plant.

Edibles are an amazing way to ingest CBD because they are fun, discreet, and delicious! Plus, they are long-lasting.

Sometimes it does take up to 2 hours for CBD edibles to take effect. Because the CBD is released slowly over long periods as the food you consume is digested, CBD edibles can last hours longer than inhaling CBD.

Chewable edibles, like gummies, brownies, and cookies, sometimes have longer onset times. That’s because absorption occurs in the digestive tract first. Then, those active ingredients enter the bloodstream and then travel to the liver.

Once they’re in the liver, those active compounds get metabolized, and then they’re released back into the bloodstream, at which point, they reach the brain. Then the effects appear.

Things like metabolism, diet, sex, cannabis tolerance and weight can affect how quickly the active ingredients are absorbed.

Other edibles, like lozenges, lollipops, and gum, kick in faster because they’re absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. This is called sublingual absorption.

Why Edibles Over Vaping?

There are a couple of reasons why people prefer smoking flower or vaping over edibles. Many people like the fast results they get from smoking. Plus, it can be easier to control the effects when you smoke.

However, there are quite a few benefits to choosing edibles over vaping.

Longer Lasting

As we mentioned above, edibles last longer than vaping or smoking. This makes edible CBD ideal for medicinal users who need long-acting relief from symptoms.

For example, someone who has high anxiety and works a 9 to 5 job would benefit from an edible that lasts throughout the afternoon.

No Respiratory Risk

Some cannabis smoke contains carcinogens. Plus, some people suffer from respiratory issues like lung inflammation when they smoke, especially those with asthma. Edibles don’t pose those risks as they are ingested, not smoked.


People who don’t smoke find that edibles are easier to consume. Not everyone can afford to go outside every time they want a dose of CBD. Edibles are more discreet and require less time and effort.

Plus, there’s no odor or clues that you’re doing anything other than eating food.

What Are the Best CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles have been around for long enough, that if you’re just starting out as a patient, the research has already been done for you. There are fan favorites and many products which have proven to do just what they say.

Here are some of the best edibles, based on what the patients and users say.

Jolly Green Oil Gummies Party Pack (1000mg)

These are one of the BEST edible CBD products we sell. They are lab-certified, organic, pesticide-free, and THC-free.

Many people don’t particularly like the natural flavor of hemp, from which the CBD oil for these edibles is derived.

In this pack, there are 5 delicious flavors.

  • Peach rings
  • Blue raspberry puffs
  • Sour gummy worms
  • Gummy worms
  • Sour patch watermelon slices

There are 20 pieces in total, and they’re made with CBD-isolate extract that’s derived from high-quality hemp, imported from the UK.

Heady Harvest CBD Gummies

These delicious THC-free, pesticide-free, and lab-certified gummies are perfect for getting you through a workday. There is no THC present, so you won’t get any psychoactive effects.

Plus, they’re made with fractionated coconut oil, which is rich in MCTs. MCTs make CBD more potent.

Try just 1 at a time, and wait at least 90 minutes in between doses, or longer if you have a slow metabolism.

Kush Cake

These chewy, chocolaty Kush Cakes were developed by a pharmacist. They support relaxation and sleep and contain additional ingredients such as:

  • Hemp protein powder
  • Valerian root
  • Melatonin
  • Passionflower
  • Rose hips extract

They are also THC-Free and lab-certified.

Tips for Buying and Taking CBD Edibles

When you’re a new CBD user, it can be hard to navigate the vast wealth of information and the variety of products on the market. But there are a few tips and tricks to use right off the bat to make sure you’re on the right track to the best edibles.

First, you should never consume anything that hasn’t been lab-certified. You want that stamp of approval from an outside source to ensure that you’re getting the potency and cannabinoids promised in a particular product.

Second, when products are “organic” or “pesticides-free,” you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting an even more pure, superior product.

There are many manufacturers who don’t use high-quality hemp or safe extraction methods. When you eat those products, you might be doing your body more harm than good.

One essential thing to remember about CBD edibles is that every product is different, and every individual is different. When you first start ingesting CBD, take is slow, and make sure you wait long enough before you determine you’re up for a higher dose.

If you have a slow metabolism, it could take up to 2 hours or more for you to feel the effects of your CBD edibles.

Pay attention to whether or not THC is added. There are many benefits from ingesting the THC cannabinoid as well, but using THC is an entirely different experience when the potency is high.

If there’s a chance you could be drug tested at work, or you know that you don’t want any chance of feeling those psychoactive effects, opt for products (like the 3 we mentioned), that are THC-Free.

CBD Edibles Effects Are Amazing

CBD is one of the most potent and beneficial cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Plus, it’s different than THC in that it will never get you “high.”

Because of this fact, drug tests don’t look for CBD, and it’s becoming more acceptable as alternative medicine, all across the world.

CBD edibles effects are great because they last much longer than smoking does. Plus, they taste better, they’re more accessible, and they’re much more discreet.

Just make sure that you take it slow. While there aren’t any harmful side effects to taking CBD, everyone reacts differently, and different edibles have different levels of potency. Wait at least 2 hours before you decide your body is ready for more.

And have fun! With so many excellent products on the market, the possibilities are endless for how you can consume CBD.

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