Be Young Essential Oils is one of hundreds different companies in the growing essential oil industry. In this growing market, claims of 100% pure, natural, organic and therapeutic are seen on bottle labels, websites and company literature. Which brand is best? It all depends on what your needs are.

Be Young Essential eo’s are gaining a reputation for their purity and therapeutic benefits, but they may not be the best option for everyone.

E.O.B.B.D. Testing

E.O.B.B.D. stands for Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined. It is a quality standard that monitors how an oil is grown, extracted and produced, including chemical analyses. While E.O.B.B.D. testing is a stringent standard of quality, it is costly and can increase the price of the product. While this level of testing is beneficial for therapeutic uses, it may be less important for perfume and cosmetic uses.

Therapeutic Grade

Essential oils are made for many different uses. Therapeutic uses support the body’s ability to heal, renew and fend off disease and require the highest quality, potency and purity for the most benefit.

Be Young’s focus is specifically for the therapeutic and medicinal market. To achieve this, the company uses certified organic and wild crafted sources when possible. The company verifies the growing conditions, soil health and distillation methods to ensure the highest therapeutic potency. This attention to detail helps ensures that additives, residual solvents, adulterants, pesticides and other impurities are not present.

Purity: a Two Edged Sword?

The term ‘100% pure’ is popular and found on many labels. However, ‘pure’ can apply to products diluted up to 49% in a base or carrier, with is the norm for many products. Because oils can be used in many ways, buying them pre-diluted limits how the product can be used. Even for oils that are usually diluted, Be Young provides their products at full strength, giving an added level of control to the end user. This also provides more value as you get much more oil than diluted products.

While 100% pure oils allow for more control, there are drawbacks. Some oil applications work best when diluted and the customer must do the dilution themselves. Several oils, including oregano, can be very irritating to the skin when undiluted and are almost always sold diluted. Such oils require added care and knowledge to use them safely when pure.

A Contrary View on Blends

Blending is usually done for to achieve the desired aroma or bouquet. The most common method of blending therapeutic oils is based on medicinal effects, combining the desired medicinal properties of multiple oils. Contrary to most companies, Be Young Essential Oils are formulated based on frequency and constituents contents. Essential oils of the same MHz frequency can provide complementary energetic effects when blended. Blending based on constituent content makes a more balanced and medicinally targeted blend.

Variable Pricing and Availability

Most companies in the industry get their oils from large commodity brokers using multiple sources to maintain consistent inventory. This keeps prices lower and more consistent and maintains better product availability. In contrast, Be Young gets its oils from small, select high-quality farms where weather and climate can greatly affect crop size from year to year. This means the price of their products can vary from year to year and it typically higher than mass produced oils. The availability of some products may be delayed or out of stock from time to time as quality takes precedence over inventory.

What Is Best For You?

With so many options available, it is best to do your research before buying essential oils. Clearly identify and understand your needs and find the best source to match them. If you need a potent, high purity, therapeutic product and are willing to pay a little more for higher quality, then Be Young Essential Oils are an excellent choice with distinct blending and quality testing benefits.


Source by Michelle L. Moore