What are CBD Patches?

CBD patches are an adhesive piece of plastic that resembles a Band-Aid. However, the patch itself is infused with a certain dose of CBD. You can apply this patch to any area of your body that will easily absorb the CBD. The most common parts of the body are the arm, wrist, or ankle. These are areas of the body that are very venous and easily absorb things.

CBD patches can be used for fast relief from stress, pain, nausea, and much more. They have virtually no side effects, and you can remove your CBD patch whenever you want.

With a transdermal application when the CBD patch sticks onto a problem area of your skin, CBD directly enters the bloodstream, bypassing the first-pass metabolism process, starts working almost immediately and therefore, it has a much higher bioavailability than oral methods (the CBD bioavailability rate of the transdermal method is 95%).

How to Use CBD Patches?

1. Choose an area where you will apply the patch.
The key to effectively wearing a patch is to choose an area of your body where you know that capillaries and blood vessels are relatively close to the surface. This often means a spot where you can see your veins just below the surface of the skin. For most patch wearers, this means the wrists, upper arms, shoulders, or back of the neck.

2. Tear open pouch.
Apply the patch to a clean area of skin such as the upper arm or leg. For pain patches, apply to the affected area. Wash hands after applying or removing the patch.

3. Watch the wear time.
Wear time varies for the patches by different manufacturers. Always use as directed on the product packaging. Hemp Bombs patches may be worn pp to 8 to 12 hours, Pure Ratios patch stays on and delivers consistent dosage for up to 96 hours.

4. Do not apply to wounds.
Do not apply these CBD topical products to wounds, damaged or irritated skin. Don’t bandage or cover with any wrap except clothing, and don’t use them with any heating pads.

5. Peel off to remove the CBD patch.
Some people may have difficulty removing transdermal patches due to sensitive skin. If you generally experience problems removing patches, try soaking the patch off with warm water. Applying oil may help break down the adhesive to make removal easier. Completely clean any residual oil to assure that your next patch will stick to your arm.

CBD Patches Pros&Cons


1. Health benefits.
A CBD patch is just another form of CBD that you can use for a large variety of health conditions. Just like a tincture or capsule, patches allow you to naturally balance your body in order to feel your best.

2. Quick absorption and delivery.
You can apply a patch where you feel you need it most, but applying it to an area with quick absorption and delivery through your body will provide the optimal results.

3. Easy and discreet use.
CBD Patches are easy to apply and can be worn under clothes for discreet use. However, it’s not recommended that you cover your patch with anything else or apply heat.

4. They can be used with other CBD products.
You may benefit from using CBD edible products in conjunction with the CBD patches. When used alone, the patches mostly impact the area of attachment. Using edible products (capsules, pills, edibles) also gives you an overall wellness boost that you may not receive from the targeted relief of patches.

5. Buying in quantity reduces your price.
Pure Ratios 5-patch pack costs $59.99 ($11.9 per count), while 1-patch pack costs $14.40.


1. Difficulties with CBD patch removing.
Some people may have difficulty removing transdermal patches due to sensitive skin.

2. Possible allergic reactions.
The product may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

How Much Do CBD Patches Cost?

CBD Patches CBD per 1 count Price per 1 count Price
Pure Ratios, 5 counts 40 mg (Hemp Extract) $11.9 $59.99
Pure Ratios, 1 count 40 mg (Hemp Extract) $14.40 $14.40
Hemp Bombs Hangover CBD Patches, 4 counts 25 mg $4.7 $18.99
Hemp Bombs Pain CBD Patches, 2 counts 50 mg $9.4 $18.99
Hemp Bombs Sleep CBD Patches, 6 counts 17 mg $3.1 $18.99
VICI Wellness CBD Patches with Melatonin, 6 counts 50 mg $9.4 $56.95
VICI Wellness CBD Patches, 2 counts 100 mg $11.85 $23.70
VICI Wellness CBD Patches, CBD+B12, 6 counts 50 mg $9.4 $56.95