Manitoba Harvest Chocolate Plant Protein with CBDManitoba Harvest is a sustainability-focused hemp company that produces a range of hemp foods and hemp-derived CBD supplements and protein powders. The company became carbon neutral in 2018. Their CBD lineup includes oils, sprays, and soft gels along with two flavors of CBD protein powder. All of Manitoba Harvest’s products are made with hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD, are THC-free, and are third-party lab tested. They offer a sugar-free protein powder option with the unsweetened blend and a chocolate flavor that has 8g of sugar per serving. One serving of the unsweetened blend is one scoop, whereas a serving is two scoops for the chocolate flavor, meaning it has less servings per container. Both flavors offer 20g of plant-based protein, 15mg of CBD, along with 2g of Omegas 3 and 6 per serving. Compared to whey protein powders on the market, the amount of CBD per serving is on the low end, however, compared to the other plant-based powder on this list, it’s quite high. This would be an excellent choice for anyone on a plant-based diet who requires high protein consumption for their athletic training.


Reviewers found both the unsweetened and chocolate-flavored protein powders were great additions to smoothies, shakes, and even coffee. There are a limited number of reviews on the website, but all of them are positive. One reviewer even reported that the powder helped them to focus for the rest of the day.