Cannabidiol – CBD – is a non-psychoactive component of Marijuana and Hemp that enhances the endocannabinoid tone by inhibiting the FAAH enzyme. This is just one of the ways in which CBD technologies are shown as a promise for the treatment of PTSD.

Brazilian scientists have recently reported that CBD reduces anxiety in animal models by directly binding to 5HT1A serotonin receptors; Activation of this receptor confers an anxiolytic and anti depressant effect. Preclinical research in Brazil indicates that “CBD has beneficial potential in the treatment of PTSD and that 5HT1A receptors can be a therapeutic target for this disorder.”

CBD and other therapeutic interventions that enhance the signaling of cannabinoid receptors could become revolutionary treatments for PTSD. CB1 receptor transmission, in particular, has emerged as a target of new cannabinoid-based remedies for anxiety and other mood disorders connected with stressful events in life. So let’s move to creating better days CBD oil reviews.

What is CBD syrup?

Hemp syrup with ginger is wonderful not only as a refreshing cold summer drink, but also as a hot drink that helps protect your body from the cold during the winter months.

The CBD syrup review claims it is made from extracts of hemp seeds, containing irreplaceable (essential) substances, amino acids, minerals and important proteins for the human body and its proper functioning.

It is also enriched with ginger root extract, which in addition to its effects on the digestive system also helps in the prevention of influenza and rhinitis. It strengthens the immune system and heats the body. The combination of hemp and ginger gives this drink an unforgettable pleasant taste.

Hot hemp syrup is great for warming up with the first symptoms of a cold. It is also excellent in case of discomfort or irritation of the stomach.

Its preparation is very simple – pour a small amount of syrup with hot water. The recommended dilution ratio is approximately 1: 5, depending on your taste. It is advisable to add fresh lemon juice. Syrup can also be used as a sweetener in other herbal teas that do not have a clear taste.

An interesting alternative to grog is hot hemp syrup with vodka. Its effects and taste will be appreciated after a long autumn walk or gatherings with friends.

How does CBD syrup work?

If you don’t know yet, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is the cannabis plant’s active compound, and for many years, it was not allowed anywhere except for fields where recreational medical cannabis was legalized. But after the famous Farm Bill in 2018 it is changing rapidly, hemp (cannabis plant’s strain with just around 0.3% of THC present in it) has become legal in fifty states of the US. Believe us, soon you’ll get the opportunity to buy the fantastic CBD in all the country’s states, and if you haven’t noticed yet, you will be amazed with pharmacies or stores selling more and more CBD products.

All humans (and all mammals) have an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a set of receptors that regulate different functions of the body. Endocannabinoid means internal cannabinoid and, as its name implies, it is the system of receptors that interact with the cannabinoid (= CBD), whether it is made inside your body or ingested as drops.

When endocannabinoid receptors interact with consumed CBD, they produce anti-inflammatory effects that reduce pain. But not only pain: with this spectacular method, your natural endocannabinoid system helps treat disorders such as anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, hypertension and other conditions. In other words, when you consume CBD, you naturally increase the effects of the CBD system that already exists in your body.

Types and differences of CBD syrup

Cannabis CBD syrups are gaining more and more popularity now and practically any medical marijuana dispensary has them. Just like in any other field, there are better brands, or some very popular ones. Some of the well-known hemp syrups brands in creating better days reviews are:

  • Actabliss: a company is from San Diego, it sells 2oz. bottles of THC and CBD.
  • Cannavis Syrup: handcrafted THC syrup that can be bought only in small batches; there are around eighty flavors available now..
  • Cannabinoid Creations: syrups made of hemp with cherry of grape flavor with two forms -AM and PM.
  • Dreem CBD: has only grape flavor and can be found in 60mg as well as 200mg bottles
  • Tree Lean: THC infused syrup in 1,000mg, seven different flavors.
  • Slactavis: The syrups are made in 350mg, 2,000mg, 1,500mg or 6,000mg bottles and they look similarly to cough syrups.
  • Cloud N9ne Syrup: doesn’t have any THC in it and every bottle provides 60mg of Charlotte’s Web & AC/DC CBD strains.

From this list above, the most in-demand brand is probably Cloud N9ne creating the best CBD syrup. What is cloud N9ne syrup? Due to the fact that it contains no THC, and has a really small CBD dose that can not even be classified as medical cannabis, this brand syrups are legal for people over 18 years old. Here is a small Сloud N9ne syrup review.

Cheery, watermelon, grape and blueberry are the most popular tastes and there are many greta Cloud N9ne syrup effects. They can treat perfectly insomnia or anxiety, can provide you pain relief, but unfortunately you won’t get the effects of the same level can’t promise to provide the same level as a usual cannabis-derived liquid.

How to use CBD syrup?

You won’t find any recommendations for CBD use. One thing we know for sure, these syrups you buy from a trustworthy manufacturer have different potencies. You can measure CBD liquid oils or syrups in both milligrams, as well as ounces. CBD bottles sizes available are from one to four ounces. When it comes to CBD compounds concentration, then milligrams are the only measurement option.

Please, if you decide to buy some, pay attention to mg measurement for syrup bottle of the CBD so that you could know the concentration and be sure about the product’s potency level.

Benefits of CBD syrup

The balanced polyunsaturated fatty acids quantity contained in hemp oil, we have mentioned above already, has a great impact on the prevention, as well as treatment of cardiovascular diseases or nervous systems problems.

For example, premature skin aging can be prevented only by natural antioxidants, special minerals along with vitamins, rich enough in hemp oil. They are necessary for all people, especially if we talk about critical life periods: childhood, teenage age or senile.

Healthy hair, skin and nails hugely depend on fatty acids which can fulfill every skin cell with oxygen, help the immune system, cleanse the arteries, and protect your body from threats like viruses. You can obtain fatty acids only eating the right food, because, unfortunately, the body itself can not produce them.

The broken lipid barrier can be quickly resored with cannabis oil, so the dry and irritated skin will be calmed, and an anti-inflammatory effect will be provided. The composition of hemp oil contains alpha-linolenic which provides incredible regenerative properties, protects skin surface from moisture loss.

There is the Canadian study that has revealed that this oil has a great ultraviolet protection, has can restore skin badly affected by the sun, as well as muscles that are damaged after extreme physical training.

Dry hair can also be nourished and moisturized with hemp oil, it also protects you from hair loss and makes it shiny and thick.

CBD syrup effects

The product is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract (chronic and acute bronchitis, bronchitis), skin (psoriasis, eczema, acne), joints (rheumatoid arthritis), gall bladder (cholecystitis), as well as dyshormonal disorders, decreased immunity, tuberculosis and HIV. Hemp oil treats diseases such as neurasthenia, impotence, rickets, diathesis.

Oil is used internally for:

  • vitamin deficiency
  • dryness and hair loss
  • osteoporosis
  • menopause
  • premenstrual symptoms
  • irregular hormone levels
  • senile sclerosis
  • high cholesterol
  • sudden weight loss
  • high blood pressure
  • reduced metabolism
  • cardiovascular failure
  • renal failure
  • dry skin
  • Crohn’s disease
  • low energy
  • gallstones

Side effects of CBD syrup

A 2017 study found that 70% of the labels for cannabidiol products sold online do not match their content. But drinking latte with a shot of CBD syrup at breakfast can be done without any risk to health, says Pavel Beschastnov: “Cannabidiol has practically no dangerous side effects: for this you need exorbitant concentrations – in practice it is unrealistic to get such an overdose.”

Diarrhea, nausea, drowsiness, loss of strength – these side effects are discovered by researchers when experimenting with CBD syrup high.

Cannabidiol is popular largely due to the lack of a psychoactive component. “Grass that does not cause a parish” is how this substance is usually described in the media. Although CBD can act on its own, in many cases, for it to show its healing properties, THC is simply necessary.

“In our capsules, the concentration of THC is 0.02% – this is a good option for children with epilepsy, when you need to minimize side effects, but to work with some diseases, you just need a psychoactive component,»


What are the advantages of marijuana compared to classic medicine?

It turns out that the advantage of marijuana in its psychogenic properties. While the medicine “hits the mark,” cannabinoids have an effect on the cerebral cortex, where they, by regulating the release of dopamine, reinforce the positive experience of their drug effects. 

As a result, in order to achieve the same therapeutic effect over time, the patient requires ever lower doses of cannabinoids. Moreover, exogenous administration of marijuana does not inhibit the production of endogenous cannabinoids, since their synthesis is not regulated by negative feedback. The substrate for their production in the body is lipids of the membranes of neurons, the reserves of which are huge. Marijuana has also proven itself in the treatment of severe pain symptoms in cancer patients, for the relief of which strong narcotic analgesics are used.

Is this dangerous?

The use of many drugs carries the risk of developing respiratory or heart failure. But not marijuana. Numerous sources claim that the lethal dose of cannabis is 40 thousand times greater than the one that can cause euphoria. In addition, the region of the medulla oblongata, which is responsible for cardiac and respiratory functions, is not equipped with cannabinoid receptors. Therefore, until now, there have never been officially registered deaths caused by marijuana seeds.

Does it help with insomnia?

We all have experienced nights when we try but just cannot fall asleep. Of course, if such things are happening regularly, your life will soon become a nightmare? The huge negative effect of chronic insomnia is undeniable and it requires rapid measures. If we talk about drugs that require prescription, the reputation of sleeping pills is really bad: they can cause such side effects as disorientation in space when you get up, weakness, dizziness. There were some researches in the 70s that proved cannabinoids to be potentially equal to sleeping pills.

How much hemp syrup can I drink? 

Keep in mind the fact that the right dosage only depends on the CBD type you are using. If, for example, if we are trying to Cloud N9ne review, with its CBD syrup, you won’t have worries about THC (however, don’t forget there are ingredients that may cause similar effects). Even if you decide to drink the whole syrup bottle, you won’t feel high with such CBD dose.


CBD syrups are becoming more and more popular and are considered legal substitute (that doesn’t contain THC) to energy drinks, opiates, alcohol or coffee.

Some companies are creating them to help with pain relief when it comes to people who can not use insurance for some reason. Other brands have only one purpose – to profit with sicknesses trying to sell a placebo claiming it’s a panacea.