6, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics is associated with increased mortality and other poor outcomes in adults admitted for community-onset pneumonia, according to a study published in the July 1 issue of the European Respiratory Journal.Product: BIOBAN BZ Antimicrobial Attributes: BIOBAN BZ Antimicrobial is a MIT-free in-can preservative, offering broad-spectrum protection against bacteria and fungi due to ZPT and BIT actives.Its sun care products provide broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.Finally, they broke the type of antibiotics into narrow- or broad-spectrum, she said in an interview during the poster session.According to Motif Bio, in contrast to commonly used broad-spectrum antibiotics, this ‘precision medicine’ approach is consistent with antibiotic stewardship principles which, among other things, seek to reduce the inappropriate use of broad-spectrum products to avoid the build-up of resistance and to lessen the impact on the microbiome of the patient.The five classes were oral sulfas, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, nitrofurantoin, and broad-spectrum penicillins.A large proportion of these preventive, or prophylactic, prescriptions also were for broad-spectrum antibiotics or combinations of antibiotics, or were for prolonged periods, which can hasten the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and drug-resistant infections.Archaeologists explore the broad-spectrum hunter-gatherers who have come to be known as the American Southwest Archaic.* Ashland Specialty Ingredients recently presented the merits of its Escalol S UV filter as an important ingredient in highly efficient broad-spectrum sun care products.These are usually labeled broad-spectrum or multi-spectrum.SAN DIEGO — Narrow-spectrum antibiotics yield outcomes that are at least comparable to, if not better than, broad-spectrum antibiotics when prescribed to children with appendicitis, according to a retrospective cohort study presented at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies.