Taking CBD Capsules is one of the easiest ways to get a pre-measured amount of CBD.  Hemp extract containing CBD oil is infused into the softgels and capsules so you merely decide which strength you want, then each pill delivers it each time.  Highland Pharms has the widest selection of strengths available for you to choose from.


We offer our regular capsules in 5 convenient strengths.  Our 15mg, 25mg, 50mg and 75mg sizes are all Softgels, and our 100mg size is a powdered hemp-extract capsule. (these sizes refer to how much cannabidiol (CBD) is in each pill).  This allows you to choose the strength that is most appropriate for your individual need.   Softgels break down in the stomach just a little quicker than a capsule does so the product gets into your system just a little quicker.  And, our GelCaps are made with all natural ingredients.  Our powder-filled Capsules are all vegan.

We infuse the liquid softgels and capsules with only the highest grade CBD Hemp Extract available.  And, it is a Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract.  So, you’re getting not only cannabidiol (CBD), but you’re getting all the other cannabinoids (like CBC, CBG, CBN, etc) and terpenes and phytonutrients that, when combined, work synergistically to enhance the effects of each other.  These are truly the best of the best when it comes to CBD Capsules or Pills or Softgels.

We also now offer Water Soluble CBD Capsules that have added Curcumin for additional well-being benefits.  Typically, since water soluble cbd is more easily absorbed by the body most people need only about 1/3 as much CBD as regular CBD.  So, as an example, if you might need 15mg of traditional CBD, most would find that 5mg of Water Soluble CBD will achieve the same results.  (Each Water Soluble Capsule product page has more information on how to determine what strength you might need….click on a product below for more info).  We have these available in 3 strengths – 5mg, 10mg and 20mg – each having an additional 250mg of Curcumin for best results!

In order to choose the most appropriate size for you, what we recommend is to first, identify how many milligrams you should be taking in each serving.  You can find some very helpful information on the following page that will help you understand how much to take:  HOW MUCH CBD SHOULD I TAKE?  Once you know how much per serving you want, simply choose your strength from the choices below


At Highland Pharms, we focus on bringing only the best CBD Products to our customers utilizing hemp extract extracted from the finest hemp plants grown.  We work with a boutique farmer who has decades of experience growing similar plants in Northern California.  Now, he brings his experience to the legal hemp industry and we all get to benefit.  Plants are grown from clones and meticulously cared for the way they should be.  So, our capsules contain only the finest all-natural ingredients.

Highland Pharms has been helping our customers for several years and we are still around because we focus equally on our customers’ needs and the quality of the products we deliver.  Your well-being, or that of your loved ones, is paramount to our mission of getting the best CBD products into the hands of as many people who can benefit from them.

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