CBD Energy Drink: Everything You Should Know Before You Try it

Are you looking to get a little more pep in your step?

CBD drinks are making their way into the hands of many people because they may provide health benefits along with energy. With the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, more commonly known as the 2018 Farm Bill Act, CBD products that contain less than .3% THC are legal and becoming mainstream as more manufacturers are using CBD in many different products.

One of the popular uses is combining CBD with an energy drink. People commonly use CBD oil to promote health and wellness. A CBD energy drink may support clearer thought and alertness.

Read on to learn more about CBD energy drinks.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for “cannabidiol,” which is one of 113 Cannabinoids that the Hemp Plant produces. People often confuse CBD with THC, the chemical compound most commonly found in marijuana that gets you high. CBD products come in many forms, such as drinks, food, oils, lotions, and more.

All cannabis plants produce CBD, which is extracted from the Cannabis plants with heat, ethanol, or CO2 Extraction to make a pure, oily substance. This allows for consistency and proper servings of CBD.

The Health Benefits of CBD

The reasons people are seeking out CBD are numerous due to the many perceived health benefits that it may provide.  At this time however CBD is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease or ailment and it is not FDA approved for any condition.  People are considering CBD use for the following:

  1. Promote Tranquility
  2. Support a good night’s sleep
  3. Support muscle and joint function
  4. Promote healthy skin
  5. Support a relaxed mood
  6. Promote mobility
  7. Support Focus


In recent times, CBD is being used more as a way to boost energy without taking supplements.

CBD was involved in a study with several patients, and it was found that it helped to increase wakefulness in young adults.

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What are Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are similar to soda or sports drinks and they can contain similar ingredients. However, energy drinks have certain ingredients that are used to provide energy-giving effects.

Some of the common ingredients used in energy drinks are:

Caffeine is very common in soda and energy drinks because it’s known to prevent consumers from getting tired. As one of their main ingredients, energy drinks often have high dosages of caffeine.

Sugar is another ingredient that’s common amongst sodas, but energy drinks usually have much more. Energy crashes are common side-effects of drinks that have high contents of sugar.

Taurine is an amino acid that is naturally found in animals and humans. Some studies have shown that taurine can boost athletic performance.

B vitamins revolve around providing energy to the body. They help convert food into energy and keep the metabolism healthy. Common B vitamins found in energy drinks are B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12.

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Why Does a CBD Energy Drink Exist?

You may be wondering why a CBD energy drink exists, to begin with. Since CBD may promote energy levels, it’s an ingredient that may make energy drinks more effective.

It also lets people reap the benefits of CBD and receive energy at the same time. If a person regularly takes CBD and occasionally has energy drinks before work or exercising, CBD energy drinks act as both.

These beverages also give consumers more options in terms of how they take CBD. Some people don’t like using CBD food, lotions, and other products, so CBD drinks further expand their choices.

Consumers’ options are further expanded with the likes of CBD energy drink packets, letting them take packets with them that they can mix with water while on the go.

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Should I Get Involved?

If you’re unsure of whether you should buy CBD products, you should ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I want to promote better health?
  • Do I want to support a relaxed mood?
  • Would I like my workouts to be more effective?
  • Is it hard for me to focus?
  • Am I an active person?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, CBD products might be an option for you. CBD energy drinks, specifically, will help you if you would like to regain lost energy from work, have a better workout, or would like to improve focus. We also recommend that you consult with your health care professional prior to starting CBD or any new supplement.

Buy a CBD Energy Drink Today

Modern technology has allowed us to extract many natural supplements and use them in products that better the lives of people. CBD is one of those supplements, and it is used in a variety of products because of its many benefits.

While you may be afraid to try something that comes from Cannabis, it is important to note that you will not get high from CBD.

If you are someone that would like to have a boost of energy at any time, go out and buy yourself a CBD energy drink. At Palm Organix™, we offer packets that will let you take your energy drink wherever you please.

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