People consume CBD, via smoking, vaping, eating, and now they can also drink it.

CBD Water is water infused with cannabidiols and it’s one of the newest ways to ingest CBD.

If CBD water isn’t your preferred method of consuming CBD, we recommend CBD gummies from Not Pot CBD and Chill Plus CBD.

CBD Water: Key Takeaways

  • The companies that sell CBD-infused water are using quantum physics to make this drink a reality.
  • The manufacturers use nanotechnology to shrink CBD to nanoparticles size — one-millionth of the original size — which makes it easier to integrate into the water.
  • Drinking CBD Water allows cannabidiol to move through the body quicker and enter the digestive tract more effectively.
  • CBD Water does not contain THC, therefore it will not get you high.
  • For those that dislike taking CBD Oil in tincture form, CBD Water can be the easy replacement.

What is CBD Water?

Three Bottles of CBD Water

For the past few years, CBD has been trending heavy in the health community.

Research has shown how CBD may help people deal with chronic pain, anxiety, stress, migraines, and a bevy of health-related issues.

And when states started legalizing the use of cannabis, this led to a boom in CBD products being put out. There’s CBD oil, capsules, vape, tinctures, and even gummy bears! And now, there’s CBD Water.

CBD Water is what it sounds like, water and CBD infused together. This perfectly balanced 7.4 PH water is produced using Quantum physics.

Quantum physics is used to break down CBD particles to form nanoparticles so they can be evenly encapsulated in a water cluster, which can be infused into water.

This process homogenizes the mixture effectively to produce water that acts like a bioavailable CBD source.

In some cases, especially with some of the more inexpensively made products, up to 90 percent of CBD that is consumed can be lost because of poor bioavailability.

Since CBD water has high bioavailability, healthy users will able to receive the maximal benefit of CBD in less quantity.

Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

In order to integrate CBD into the water, it first needs to become water soluble but what is water soluble CBD?

In simple terms, it’s CBD that has been made to dissolve in water.

And there are many cases for water-soluble CBD. Using water-soluble CBD allows companies to take their products to the next level.

The fact is, water-soluble CBD simply absorbs much better in the body than traditional CBD oils, which are usually made with some type of difficult-to-absorb emulsifier such as vegetable glycerin.

Even CBD isolate, which is a crystalline form of CBD that claims a higher bioavailability, is not as bioavailable and easily absorbent as water-soluble CBD.

This newest discovery is now allowing people to get the most out of the product itself and their investment in the product.

Water Soluble CBD To Try

While CBD water will have water-soluble CBD, one can also purchase water soluble CBD and added to any drink.

CBD American Shaman

Bottles of American Shaman CBD

American Shaman has a variety of CBD products including water-soluble CBD. The product comes in four flavors: Grape, pina colada, natural and cherry limeade.

One bottle is 30 mL and contains 300 mg of CBD per bottle or about 10 mg CBD per 1 mL. Additionally, the product is 100 percent organic and is terpene rich.

The ingredients include: Purified water by reverse osmosis, natural & artificial flavoring, concentrated cannabinoid & terpene rich hemp oil, saponin extract, citric acid.

What Are The CBD Water Benefits?

Per medical research, CBD has become synonymous with dealing with a slew of health issues such as:

  • epileptic seizures
  • anxiety
  • inflammation
  • sleeplessness
  • arthritis & chronic pain
  • diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • psychosis
  • depression
  • migraines
  • cancer

CBD water allows for rapid bioavailability so it will immediately help all of your body’s cells, including your red blood cells, nerve cells, and heart.

Taking CBD is beneficial to the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the regulation of the central and the peripheral nervous system, for the immune system, cardiopulmonary system and regulates the sleep and appetite.

(Bioavailability means how much of the supplement you are consuming is actually being absorbed by your body.)

CBD Water: What The Experts Say

Dr Stuart Titus

Dr. Stuart Titus, a veteran of the financial services and medical healthcare industries is a 10-year veteran of the cannabis industry and is the Chief Executive Officer of the first-ever publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Dr. Titus holds a Fellowship with the American Academy of Pain Management and clinical association with the American Association of Integrative Medicine and also earned his Ph.D. degree from the Open International University, which is a World Health Organization (WHO)-chartered affiliate.

On CBD Water, Dr. Titus says:

“It’s an interesting concept because CBD itself is not exactly water soluble. Oil and water don’t really mix too terribly well. However, what you can do with CBD is to nano-size it, which would make it, what we call, water-dispersible.

This could be an isolated form of CBD that will then be made nano-sized and you’re not able to detect the particles in the water so it does look like its water-soluble. A more correct term might be to call it water dispersible.”

How Much CBD Water Should I Drink Daily?

If you drinking CBD water for no medical purposes, then aim to drink 10 to 25 mg per day.

However, if you are drinking this in order to treat some symptoms or illness, then 2-10 mg of water is recommended per kilogram of body weight.

So, if you weight 50 kg (or 110lb), you will need to drink 500 mg of CBD water per day.

Try out the CBD dosage calculator to learn more.

CBD Water vs CBD Oil

CBD Water vs CBD Oil

What are the many differences between CBD Water and CBD Oil?


CBD water gives users that refreshing taste of mineral water. And just like any other kind of water, one can enhance the flavor by using fruits such as lemon and lime.

On the other hand, CBD oil has been described as having a nutty, grassy taste that only a few people enjoy. In fact, most put additional flavors when they want to consume the oil.

Absorption Speed

CBD water has a faster absorption speed compared to the CBD oil. This is mainly due to CBD water having a higher bioavailability. Speaking of which…


Hands down, CBD water is way more bioavailable than its oil counterpart.

While a reasonable percentage of oil gets through your system, virtually 100 percent of the CBD in water is used by the body.

In fact, CBD water is at least 90 percent more efficient at absorbing into the bloodstream compared to the CBD oil.

And this makes complete sense due to the fact that the human body is made of 60 percent water.

Therefore, you need less water to receive the maximum benefits of CBD in relation to oil.


Now, this is where CBD oil gets the edge. Plenty of CBD oil manufacturers show evidence of lab testing and more researchers are starting to understand it more.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, no one in the health community is quite sure how safe CBD water is to consume.

The main issue that comes along with it is related to the nanotechnology. Researchers are worried about the toxicity level of consuming water infused with CBD.

They have a legitimate concern. Nanoparticles can bypass the body’s protective barriers and expose the body to biochemical quantities which are not familiar with our body.

And here comes the question about the “entourage effect”. This is the effect of cannabinoids and terpenes (found in marijuana) that work together and have a positive influence on the body.

When using only one of them, or only CBD in the case with the water, the effectiveness is reduced.


Many believe that providing users with a full spectrum of cannabinoids is how you achieve maximum benefit.

CBD water only contains pure CBD while CBD oil has additional natural cannabidiol and terpenoids in it.

Thus, CBD oil is the only one of the two options that will provide you with a multitude of cannabinoids.


CBD water is far more expensive than CBD oil (a single bottle that contains 25 mg of CBD could cost you $8!).

On average, CBD oil cost about half as less as CBD water. But this is to be expected since it is more bioavailable.

CBD Oil Brands To Try

While CBD water is new to the CBD marketplace, CBD oils have been around longer and have had positive results for people.

When it comes to CBD water brands, there are plenty to choose from. Below are five of the most popular ones.

CBD Living Water

CBD Living water bottle

CBD Living Water is a company that has quickly earned a reputation for being one of the most popular in the industry.

  • Their CBD water has a pH-balanced at 7.4 in order to match with your body’s pH level and obtain maximum hydration and absorption.
  • Each 500 ml bottle provides you with 4 million Nanograms (or 4 mg) of CBD.
  • One bottle costs $10, but a fixed shipping cost of $15 bumps it up to a whopping $25.

Canna Nano Water

Canna Nano water bottle

Canna Nano aims to emulate the process of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation in order to craft its CBD water.

  • It begins with extracting water from local sources.
  • Then, it passes it through sand filters to mimic the natural process of filtering groundwater through layers of sediment.
  • Lastly, it is sent to thermal heat for evaporation.
  • Once the water is purified, then it is ozonated and put into a bottle.
  • The CBD content in one bottle is 99.9 percent all-natural.
  • One 500 ml bottle costs $10 and the company offers free shipping.

CBD Naturals

CBD Naturals water bottle

CBD Naturals not only offer water but a vast array of non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly products.

  • They have two types of CBD water – water Cannabinoid infused beverage and sparkling water Cannabinoid infused beverage.
  • Both bottles of water contain vitamin 12 and Coenzyme Q10 that boost the energy.
  • Both of them come in 500 ml bottles and cost $2.99. Shipping cost depends on which state you reside at.

Quantum CBD

Quantum CBD water bottle

Quantum CBD is a company that offers high-quality, organically-grown CBD that is chemical-free and THC free.

  • They sell a 500 ml bottle of CBD water that has a pH level is 7.4. and contains 10 mg of hemp-derived Cannabinoids.
  • On their website, you can order 12 pack bottles, 24 bottles, 28 or 96 bottles. The pack that contains 12 bottles cost $75.

(Note: We believe shipping is free but they don’t state it on their website.)

Great-West Water Company

Great-West Water Company water bottle

Great-West Water Company (GWWC) is a Canadian-based company that produces hemp infused water.

  • This is a fusion of reverse osmosis water and CBD from organic hemp to get 100 percent pure CBD.
  • Each bottle provides users with 3 mg nanotech of CBD, which is equivalent to 18-30 mg of CBD oil but with 100 percent of the health benefits.
  • Also, GWWC claim that the CBD benefits can be felt within 2 minutes of drinking their water.

As of now on their website, I don’t see a price for their CBD Water (It is listed as zero CAD but I’m sure they aren’t selling their water for free). It does appear that they ship worldwide though.

Where to Buy CBD Water?

To buy CBD water, you can order them online on their respective company website or at certain cannabis-based stores.

The Legality of CBD Water

Holding CBD Water In Hands

It’s still very gray, despite the rise in CBD products over the years. Many CBD products remain illegal to sell and purchase, but there is a silver lining.

As described by the FDA, if a product contains one of three GRAS products, it can be legally sold (and you can’t tell me they didn’t choose that acronym on purpose).

Those would be hulled hemp seed, hemp seed protein powder, and hemp seed oil.

The latter is where a lot of CBD products are derived from that can be legally sold, purchase, and consumed in the United States.

CBD-Soluble Side Effects

Some of these side effects are present in CBD-solubles, but some are found in general CBD usage which may transmit over to CBD water, depending on other ingredients, the brand, and how they make it.

  • Dry Mouth: I mean, most of us who have used CBD products can attest to this much. It’s an odd sensation in CBD water, though, because water is supposed to immediately hydrate the inside of your mouth. 30 seconds or so after one sip, you might notice that your mouth feels a bit dry.
  • Appetite Changes: While we can attribute a lot of “the munchies” to THC found in marijuana, CBD is still present in majijuana, and its effects can range in appetite changes. The funny thing is, it could either bring on hunger or repress it. It all depends.
  • Drowsiness: This is generally a sign that you’ve consumed too much CBD. You get a slight Benadryl effect after consuming too much CBD water, or with too high of a milligram rating. It’s a good way to take a nap, but not helpful in the middle of the day when you’re trying to get things done.

Is There an Age Requirement for Drinking CBD Water?

It’s a very gray area.

On the one hand, CBD products in general are sold through dispensaries, which require a person to be 21 years or older to enter. No minor can purchase CBD products, including CBD water.

However, CBD has been approved for the drug epidiolex, which is designed to treat adolescent epilepsy.

It proves that while children and minors can consume CBD in safe quantities, it remains under doctor supervision and through professional medical diagnoses.

Even in the comfort of your own home, CBD water should not be consumed by minors.

It’s impossible to know 100% whether or not your CBD is void of THC, which is the psycho-active component that is illegal for minors to consume. Play it safe and keep your CBD water locked up.

Can You Make Your Own CBD Water?

How To Make DIY CBD Water

Yes, you can, but it comes with some nuances.

Homemade CBD water just tastes different than pre-packaged CBD water, even if you use a product like SodaStream to add some bubbly to your glass.

Simply take water and CBD liposomes, and mix them together in a glass.

Particle effects from the imbuing process will disappear quickly in water, though you will be required to stir it for 5-10 seconds to properly blend everything together.

CBD Water: Should You Be Drinking It?

On one end, drinking CBD Water seems like a great idea due to the high bioavailability of it and water is the most essential nutrient for us.

On the other end, it is uncertain how drinking CBD water will affect you because researchers are still learning about this product. 

Also, CBD water is very expensive to buy but the ease of use could outweigh the cost.

While CBD Water is new, a true and tested method of consuming CBD is with gummies or oils. We recommend the following CBD products:

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