About Us

Happy CBD Water™ was created to bring effective cutting edge science and hydration, naturally and responsibly. Our nanotechnology successfully increases the surface area of the phytocannabinoids we put in our water. The tiny nano-sized CBD molecules are infused in pH 9 water, which ensures the highest bioavailability on the market and easy absorption into the body, so less is more.

With Happy CBD Water™, nutrients for energy and overall balance at the cellular level join forces with the Alkaline hydration in one hemp water beverage! We add CoEnzyme Q10 for antioxidant support and Vitamin B12 for a healthy energy boost. With the Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant benefits of the full spectrum hemp CBD essential oil complex, this combined formula delivers what you need for ultimate hydration and systemic balance.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products for customers.