High Potency Marijuana is not your father’s marijuana. Over the years growers have used highly sophisticated cultivation techniques that have not only increased the potency of pot but all but eradicated CBD, the molecule that protects the user from psychosis and cognitive impairment. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana has increased from 6% ten years ago to 30% today.

As the THC increased in strength the CBD decreased in its ability to protect the brain from the negative effects caused by chronic use. Those that use marijuana today are unaware of the long rage effects of the more potent product on the streets today.

Today’s High Potency Marijuana causes paranoia and psychosis to the unsuspecting smokers of today. A study performed by Dr. Marta Di Forti for GAP shows that patients with episodes of Psychosis were 50% more likely to have smoked skunk weed just prior to their episode. This may not be proof positive but the evidence is very compelling. There is also evidence that the organic changes in brain chemistry are long lasting if not permanent. All this comes at a time when State and Federal Governments are considering legalizing or at lest decriminalizing growing and possession of pot.

In the past Insurance Companies would never consider treatment for a marijuana addiction because there were no medical complications to report. Drug Rehab Centers may have to rethink their approach to the patient and to the third party payers. More research may have to be done before governments make this high strain of pot available to anyone who wants to experiment.


Source by Dan B. Clark