As of 3/13/20, I am operating solely online until it is once again safe to meet in person. I am accepting new clients at this time and I am able to provide all of my usual services from Brainspotting to Art Therapy to Intuitive Energy Work in this online format. I will also be posting videos, meditations, free zoom events and other information related to pandemic stress on my Instagram feed, YouTube channel and Facebook group. Please reach out if you need any support!

I am a clinically trained art psychotherapist / marriage and family therapist licensed in the state of Colorado as Licensed Professional Counselor. Over the years I have refined my practice to include important and effective tools like Brainspotting and somatic experiencing, and I also work with the subtle energies around us in my capacity as an intuitive healer. My favorite thing is helping you tap into your innate wisdom, learning to cultivate your intuition and work with your personal consciousness so that you truly become your own healer.

If you aren’t ready to set up a session, you can join us in our closed Facebook group by sending a request to join. This is a contained online forum where I often post articles, blog-like information and other tools and ideas as a public service. You will find similar posts by following my Instagram feed and YouTube channel.