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Best CBD Oil Brands

How are the best CBD brands tested?

The CBD market is expanding super fast. As beneficial as CBD oil brands are, you cannot be too careful with all the products entering the unregulated market. Since we want to uncover which CBD oil brands are unverified, harmful & grown in suspicious places, our team of experts created the most thorough 6-step review process that every brand passes. Here’s how we evaluate which CBD companies are the best:

  • Collect verified user reviews & feedback.
  • Execute an in-depth online investigation.
  • Analyse specifications provided by the company.
  • If possible, we test the CBD oil ourselves.
  • Evaluate & rank CBD oils based on data analysis.
  • Assess & publish fact-based CBD oil reviews & guides.

List of Best CBD Oil Brands

Variety is huge in the market of CBD brands. There are products for every taste & every need. The hundreds of options might even seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! We have tested & reviewed all the best CBD oil brands for you. Just choose what kind of benefits you need to improve your wellbeing!

37 Online CBD Brands Reviews

When we review best CBD brands, we analyse the most important aspects: concentration, extraction method, substances used, user reviews, specifications, brand reputation and so on. Our expert reviewers turn the analysis data to extensive, yet very understandable CBD oil brands’ reviews. We want everyone to be able to use our insights for their own good.

  • cbdMD Reviews (cbdMD Reviews: A Wide Selection of Products, but Lackluster Potency)
  • Green Roads CBD Review (Green Roads CBD Review: A Thorough Look)
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Review (Charlotte’s Web CBD Review: Good, but Expensive)
  • CBDistillery Reviews (CBDistillery Reviews: Is the Distillery Worth it?)
  • Transcend Labs Review (Transcend Labs Reviews: Organic, Full-Spectrum CBD Products)
  • CBDfx Review (CBDfx Review: Everything You Need to Know About the Products You’re Using)
  • NuLeaf Naturals Review (NuLeaf Naturals Review: Nothing But (Decent) CBD Oil)
  • Lazarus Naturals Reviews (Lazarus Naturals Reviews: Is it Really a CBD Industry Leader?)
  • Social CBD Review (Social CBD Review: 100% Plant-Derived CBD Oil)
  • Purekana Reviews (Purekana Reviews: In-Depth Purekana CBD Reviews)
  • Ignite CBD Review (Check Out Ignite CBD Review and Find Out if the New Player Can Outrun the Old Wolves)
  • Medterra Reviews (Medterra Reviews: Things to Know Before Buying)
  • Hemp Bombs Review (Hemp Bombs Review: One of the More Interesting Brands Around)
  • One Farm CBD Review (One Farm CBD Review: Relatively New, Yet Trustworthy Company)
  • HempWorx Reviews (HempWorx Reviews: How Good is it?)
  • Koi CBD Review (Koi CBD Review: Multi-Flavored Broad-Spectrum CBD Extracts)
  • FOCL Review (FOCL Review: A US-Based Brand with a Natural Mindset)
  • Jilati Review – CBD for Your Well-Being (In this Jilati review, I’ll introduce you to the company – mission, pros & cons as well as the products that they’re offering!)
  • CBD Pure Reviews (CBD Pure Reviews: Organic, Independently-Tested Full-Spectrum CBD Oils)
  • Plus CBD Oil Reviews (Plus CBD Oil Reviews: Take It Or Leave It?)
  • Bluebird Botanicals Reviews (Bluebird Botanicals: Choose the Right Option)
  • Fab CBD Review (The Only Fab CBD Review You’ll Ever Need)
  • Plant Therapy Reviews (Plant Therapy Reviews: Are the Company’s CBD Products and Essential Oils any Good?)
  • Diamond CBD Reviews (Diamond CBD Reviews: US-Based Brand, Full-Spectrum CBD Products)
  • Pure Science Lab Reviews (Pure Science Lab Reviews: Broad-Spectrum CBD Oils)
  • Elixinol Reviews (Elixinol Reviews: Thoroughly-Tested and Affordable CBD Oils)
  • CBDologic Review (CBDologic Review: An Up-and-Coming French CBD Product Provider)
  • Hempura Reviews (Hempura Reviews: Broad- and Full-Spectrum CBD Oils from the UK)
  • Blessed CBD Review (Blessed CBD Review: One of the UK’s Leading CBD Providers)
  • Love Hemp Review (Love Hemp Review: Full-Spectrum, Yet “THC-Free” CBD Oil from the UK)
  • Provacan Reviews (Provacan Reviews: A Research-Based UK CBD Brand)
  • Love CBD Review (Love CBD Review: THC-Free CBD Oil from the UK)
  • CBD Brothers Review (CBD Brothers Reviews: Potent, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil)
  • HighKind Review (HighKind Review: Ex-Synergy Extracts – Full-Spectrum, Lab-Tested UK CBD Products)
  • CBD Life UK Reviews (CBD Life UK Reviews: Low-THC CBD Oil from the UK)
  • Simply CBD Reviews (Simply CBD Reviews: A CBD Brand Oriented at Helping Dogs)
  • OK CBD Oil Reviews (OK CBD Oil Reviews: UK CBD Oil Made from US-Grown Hemp)

35 Categories of Best CBD Brands

It’s hard not to get lost among different types of CBD oil brands. Every person can find a CBD brand for their specific taste, but it will take a long time to find your perfect pick among all the lousy CBD companies. That’s why we have systematized all the reviewed best CBD brands into different categories. Now it’s even easier to find your perfect CBD oil brand!

Top rated CBD oil resources

30 Coupon Deal Pages of the Best CBD Oil Brands

Here, our team of dedicated deal experts are gathering & verifying all the best CBD oil discounts. You can be sure that all the listed deals & coupon codes are working – huge savings are guaranteed!

Best CBD oil Deals

5 Holiday Pages of the Best CBD Brands

5 Discount Pages of the Best CBD Brands

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How to Choose the Best CBD Brands?

Best CBD Oil Verification


Knowing that there are a whole lot of new CBD brands entering the market every minute, verification is super important. Verified CBD oil simply means that it has come from a well-known and carefully observed growers, who are certified & responsible of what they produce. And not from some shady plant in the middle of Madagascar, stuffing who-knows-what into their product. If you want to really improve your wellbeing, you should always look for verified CBD products & avoid shady ones at all cost.

Best CBD Oil concentration


CBD brands extract their oil in various ways. There are a few different extraction methods but the most popular is the CO2 extraction method. If this method is executed correctly, it allows the producer to achieve a 99% pure CBD extract & that’s the perfect concentration you should aim for. Before your buy CBD oil, it’s also important to make sure that the company uses a controlled extraction process and that the hemp they are using is free of pesticides, solvents or chemical fertilizers & organic.

Best CBD Oils price


We understand that price is important in every market, and CBD products are no exception. Different items come in different price tags, and it can be rather difficult to find a balance between best CBD oil that would also be cheap. To find a very good price vs value ratio, you have to sacrifice your time & effort, because sorting through all the different CBD brands is not easy. But not to worry – you can find the price vs value ratio discussed in all of our CBD oil reviews. We uncover the real benefits behind the price.

Best CBD Oil Benefits


From our CBD oil reviews, you probably noticed all the great benefits CBD has for your body. It is believed that the best CBD oil can improve everything from sleep to general wellness. Since we all need top rated CBD oils for different & individual reasons, learning about the benefits each CBD brand can offer is important. So before deciding to buy CBD oil, you have to know what kind of effect are you trying to reach. But be careful – a lot of CBD products’ poor quality makes them completely ineffective.

Best CBD Oil Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer support is an important aspect in any area of commerce, and CBD is no exception. Perhaps you’ll have a question about the shipping of your product? Or some general inquiries about the oils themselves? In any case, it’s important for brands to be able to communicate with their customers, especially since it all regards your wellbeing. It’s a serious topic! If you notice that a CBD brand has unreactive & rude customer support – run as fast as you can from them. Those kinds of brands are not to be trusted.

Best CBD Oil Transparency


We all expect brands to be honest & open about the way they operate. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Especially in the market of CBD products. Since there’s still some taboo left around this topic, CBD brands tend to be secretive & even dishonest about the substances they use, where was it grown, 3rd party lab testing and so on. Since not everything can be seen by a regular customer, it’s our responsibility to dig deeper & find all the most important information for you. We want you to buy CBD oil with confidence.