If you take a really closer look, you’ll realize that the oil NuLeaf Naturals sell for pets is actually similar to the ones they sell for “humans”.

The pet oils are also free from additives and preservatives as they are 100% organic. They also come in the same packaging.

Now, what you need to be careful about is the right dosage for your pet. It will depend on the weight of your pet.

For example, if your dog weighs 24.99 lbs or less, you can give it 2 drops of the oil once or twice a day. For larger dogs, such as those weighing 75 lbs and more, you can give as much as 8 drops once or twice a day.

Similar to humans, it’s best to start giving your dog the lowest dose possible and monitor the effects. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can talk to a veterinarian so you can be properly guided.

This is particularly important if your pet is also taking other medications and you want to avoid causing complications and negative reactions.