Drinks with cannabidiol (CBD for short) will not get you high. Studies have shown, however, that CBD offers a slew of health benefits from stress relief to reduced anxiety, nausea relief, decreased muscle and joint pain, improved sleep, and even reduced inflammation and acne. One company, Endo Water, calls it, “the new kale.”

Despite being one of over 113 active compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that the mild-altering buzz associated with weed won’t hit you. High Times even called CBD “one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world.

Join the craze and naturally chill out with one of the best CBD drinks. We’ve got options for you, whether your pick of poison is coffee, tea, soda, or CBD gummies.


The sweet and sugary Spanish wine, Cannawine, is augmented with CBD hemp extract for an easy-to-drink 14.5 percent alcohol by volume red that is best served cold. At 50 percent garnacha and 50 percent cariñana grapes, there’s a rich touch of red and black fruits in this vino, with a subtle scent of cannabis sativa. If red wine wasn’t already ‘good for you,’ Cannawine cites that studies have shown CBD, “acts as an anxiolytic, antidepressive and antispasmodic agent, which helps against cancer.”

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Kickback Coldbrew

Anxious coffee jitters shouldn’t make you sweat through your button-down by 10 in the morning. Swap your usual cold brew with Kickback’s vegan CBD-infused coffee (20mg per serving). When CBD is combined with caffeine, you should get a calm, yet energized feeling that Kickback calls, “a functional chill.” This is a relief since our on-the-go schedules might call for a chill-out first thing in the morning instead of at the end of the day. The five flavors include: the O.G. Cold Brew, Just Peachy, Golden Cashew, Coffee Date, and Matcha.

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Aurora Elixers

The aromatic sparkling tonics of Aurora Elixers contain 15mg of CBD and come in two flavors that will knock your cocktails out of this universe. With carefully measured levels of cannabinoids, 8 grams of sugar or less, and all-natural ingredients, Aurora’s Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary tonics were designed to be enjoyed chilled or in a craft herbaceous cocktail. Zero THC is included in the hemp oil Aurora sources, so you won’t get crossfaded and feel like muck. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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Not only does CBD calm you down, but it’s commonly used to reduce inflammation. Oleo’s powder mix and single-serve packets of instant CBD-infused coconut water, tea, and flavorless mix takes a sports recovery approach to incorporating CBD into everyday wellness (the slogan is “Perform better, recover faster”). Oleo uses a Micro-Encapsulated CBD that wraps the molecules of CBD in a binding material comprised of natural carbohydrates. Why? It’s fast-acting, cold-water-soluble, and offers more bioavailability (aka it’s easier for the body to absorb and make better use of the active ingredients).

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Dirty Lemon

Swap out your kombucha with Dirty Lemon! At only 15 calories per bottle, this CBD elixir won’t get you high but will produce “mild euphoria, full-body relaxation, and a clear head,” according to the creators. For past stoners who don’t toke anymore due to career, relationship, or health concerns, Dirty Lemon will give you all the old ‘pineapple express’ feels since the flavor profile is inspired by that selfsame marijuana strain. Tropical at heart, woodsy notes accent the fruit-forward flavor. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is added to boost electrolytes, while L-Theanine (a therapeutic ingredient found in tea) boosts cognition, alertness, and tranquility.

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While Coca-Cola makes headlines for a potential CBD drink in the works, Sprig already has the CBD soda game on lock. Naturally sweetened and flavored, Sprig comes in Citrus sweetened with cane sugar, and the zero-sugar flavors Citrus, Sparkling Lemon Tea, and Melon. Each can contains 20mg of all-natural CBD derived from agricultural hemp. Sprig is a great alternative to a cheat soda after a long workout since you’ll reap the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-nausea benefits and dodge a sugar bullet all at the same time.

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CBD Hemp Soda

Cannabinoid Creations (CC) took classic soda fountain flavors like Ginger Ale and Orange Cream and turned them into CBD Hemp Soda. Grape Limeade, High Tide Honeydew Melon, and our favorite, Cartoon Cereal Crunch, round out the lineup. Using pharma-grade Cannabidiol from sustainably grown and harvested industrial hemp plants, CC hits its sweet spot in the CBD category and also makes CBD water, syrups, chocolate, and pet supplies.

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Endo Water

Using hemp oil (relax, it’s just a plant extract and not an acid drop), Endo infuses plain ol’ water with, well, CBD. Taking its name from “ENDO-Cannabinoid”— the receptors found throughout the body that connect with cannabinoid-rich hemp oil — Endo is part of a movement to bring the ancient uses of hemp to the anxiety and insomnia-ridden modern era. Say hello to the next coconut water.

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